How to live as a Christian to avoid addiction

The power of God that saves all men, the gospel, has assured us of good things in Christ. In God’s wisdom, He gave us His word to direct our steps.

The Bible speaks of the word being a lamp unto our path and a light to our feet. It infers direction that comes from the application of God’s word. God’s word is not silent on the subject of addiction.

It discusses expressly how addiction works and how it can be avoided. With this compass given, we can navigate our way through life seamlessly.

The first step to living a life devoid of addiction as a believer is to live exclusively on God’s word. The Bible speaks expressly on what addiction is and how to overcome it.

The book of John describes addiction to be on three things. They are the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh, and the pride of life. It narrows down the source of addiction to be a strong desire of the mind.

The Bible further tells us that the word of God is quick and sharper than any two-edged sword. It pierces down to the dividing asunder of bone and marrow, revealing the intents of the hearts. It means the word of God reveals the intents of the heart and helps correct it.

The next step is engaging the word. As humans, we cannot deny the desires and the emotions that come from some activities. Our flesh is indeed weak to resist some temptations.

However, there is good news in God’s word. The word of God speaks of warfare as a battle of the mind. We have been giving tools of the warfare in God’s word that militate against such desires.

Our weapons of warfare are not carnal (they are not physical). They are, however, mighty in the pulling down of strongholds in the mind.

As Christians, the only way to avoid addiction is to feed exclusively on the word and to engage the word when situations look bleak. The word of God is powerful.

How the power of God helps an addicted person

The idea of God being absent from this present world is not a possibility tolerated among Christians and worldwide. We are convinced of the reality of God’s existence, the power in our lives and the wonder of creation.

The tangibility of God’s power is not only in creative wonders and His intervention in difficult situations. His power is also visible in our lives.

It is made known in His written word, the Bible. God’s word speaks expressly about how the power of God can turn things around even in our broken world.

It is important to note that addiction is firstly a thing of the heart before it is a habit. It is a strong desire to be involved in a dangerous act.

This act is consequentially injurious to the overall health of an individual. Understanding this helps us approach addiction as a mental force that needs to be re-channeled.

The good news here is that God has the power to change the heart of a man and give him new hope. God does not just identify the problem of the heart. He provides a way out of the situation. He does this through the gospel of Christ.

God reiterates that the gospel of Christ is the power of God unto salvation. The Apostle Paul lamented in the scriptures about how weak his flesh was.

He talked about how he found himself doing things that he did not want to do. He spoke of how he tried to stop but a force within him makes him doing the wrong things all the same.

His salvation, however, came from the power of God through the gospel. He tells us that there is no condemnation in Christ. The power of God, through salvation, breaks us free from the power of sin.

All that is needed to receive this liberation is to believe this gospel and confess it.


Helping someone to break free from addiction or become mentally balanced, is one of the best gifts you can give to them.

They would eternally become grateful for this. It is not easy having to struggle with chemical dependency or addiction to a habit which they have been stuck with for years.

For someone who is mentally unstable as well, the individual would for the first time in a long while heave a sigh of relief because he or she is currently better.

For you to help someone you need to understand that, you need not have selfish motives, because they would prevent you from carrying out what you need to do.

An addict and a mentally unstable individual definitely lives a traumatic life, and it affects his or her loved ones in various ways.

The home is one of the places where an addicted or unstable person would surely feel at home, and it is essential that those who are considered to be the loved ones, should provide the ample care that the addict needs.

When treatment comes into play, the quality of life is not only improved for the addict, the people who care for them and stay with them would also lead better lives.

Also, there is also a tendency for the economic burden to reduce. Caring for an addicted and unstable person comes with a benefit which would either be in the long-term or short-term.

Eventually, the person would recover, and there would be no need to spend on treatment and rehabs. If the person was placed on medications, it would reduce because, there is no need for it anymore.

In addition to this, less time would be spent in caring for the addicted family member.

During the Christian Addiction Treatment Program, almost all attention would be focused on the addict, and there might be insufficient time to be highly productive in other areas. However, once the addiction has cleared of, everything would come back to normal.

Caring for Someone Who is Addicted or Unstable

caring for an addictKnowing how to care for someone who is addicted or has a mental disorder can be very difficult. The relationship is fraught with opportunities for misunderstandings, dysfunction and disagreement. The biggest challenge in having a relationship with someone who is addicted, mentally unwell or both is remembering that you cannot force them to change. It does not matter that you can see the obvious right choice. You cannot force that choice on them until they see it for themselves. The patience and energy that this requires of you will be immense. Tragically, it is possible that your patience and energy will be spent in vein. Not every case of addiction and mental disorder is resolved. Some dysfunctional people ultimately stay on the path of destruction, and people in their lives are forced to take space from them to protect themselves. The best thing you can do is decide critically and honestly about how much of yourself you can give to the dysfunctional person in your life, and then give it to them with your whole heart.

Addicts and mentally unhealthy people require understanding for both sides of their nature; the side that knows taking steps to heal is the best choice and the side that just wants vindication for the way they are. This duality that lives within them is not only the difference between selflessness and selfishness, it is the difference between healthy and unhealthy, functional and diseased, free and trapped. Many dysfunctional people were subjected to unhealthy life circumstances, which is largely responsible for why they are the way they are today. This damage done to their mental health was an injustice to them, and was not within their control. However, the choice to recover belongs to everyone, no matter what kind of damage was done. Recovery may even have to be the focus of a person’s entire life due to the challenges they face. Those who support them along the way play a huge roll in their recovery. Whatever compassion you are able to give an addicted or mentally unhealthy person should certainly go to them.