God Loves Those Who are Broken

The idea of God loving us for our weaknesses is profound, and contradictory to what we are often taught. To many people, the idea that God would love us for our strengths and deny us for our weaknesses makes much more sense. Why would a perfect God want anything to do with our weaknesses? The answer to this question carries the meaning of life itself. Any loving parent knows that their small child needs them even though the child does not consciously admit this. The parent fully embraces this knowledge because it is the way things are intended to be, and the fact that their child is smaller and weaker than they are makes them love their child all the more. As God’s children, he feels the same way about us. Our frailty is part of our design.

If you consider how this applies to those who are unhealthy, whether it is due to depression, anxiety, addiction, bipolar disorder, ADHD, schizophrenia or any other illness, God is saying through his word and through the sacrifice of Jesus that he loves those who are broken. He loves the weary and the wounded so much that he would give his own life to see them free from their bondage. For it is not God’s doing that people suffer with afflictions. It is the work of evil, God’s greatest opposition. God wants nothing but for us to stay close to him so that he can protect our heart’s, mind’s and spirit’s from evil. The only way for our hearts to have peace is through God’s grace that showers us in love. The fact of the matter is, everyone is broken to some degree. Jesus Christ was the only perfect individual to ever walk the face of the earth. There is nothing we can do to be identical to him, because he was God in the flesh. Instead, when we accept His love, the need for perfection on our end becomes negated.

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