The Love of God is For Everyone

In the church and in the world, there is an incorrect perception of God’s love only being for those who follow all the rules. This incorrect way of thinking dictates that the way to win God’s approval is by going to every church function, tithing, singing loudly during worship and saying prayers right on schedule. Those who think this way are largely missing the point of everything that being a Christian entails, yet this attitude has somehow managed to thrive in the church since the time of its formation. The word of God makes the opposite very clear. God’s love is for every kind of sinner and wrong-doer who ever lived. It is for everyone.

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The bible encourages believers to come to God as they are. Not when they have made their lives resemble perfection. Not when they are a model Christian and church-goer. Not when they have discovered all the answers. God loves us for our weaknesses. He created us to need him. Our need for him is what keeps us seeking him through this life, despite having separation from him. When Jesus sacrificed his life on the cross, it was to atone our imperfections. God is perfect, and we could not ever be in his presence if it were not for the sacrifice that Jesus made. In doing so, it erased the necessity of making ourselves perfect, which we were not ever capable of in the first place.

God is not interested in our religious efforts. He is interested in our relationship with him, and our relationship with one another. Love is the most important commandment he put on us, and the most important gift he gave to us. We need to abolish the judgment we hold over ourselves and over others, because the love of God is for criminals, homeless people, the mentally disturbed, addicts, substance abusers and those who have not even come to know God. No one in the world is left out of God’s love, and he wants nothing but for us to embrace this.

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